Thursday, May 1, 2014

South Boston Warehouse to Get $30M Residential Conversion

A warehouse at 190 - 206 West Second St in South Boston is getting redeveloped into new housing courtesy of a $30 million project from developer Triad Alpha Partners. The Boston Redevelopment Authority recently approved the 90,000 square foot development, which will replace the two-story warehouse building and unpaved parking lot with a three-story residential project.

The project will include 97 new residential units, 4,000 square feet of ground floor retail space, bike storage, and 115 at-grade garage parking spaces intended to serve both residential and retail uses.

The existing 2-story warehouse building will be demolished to make space for the new three story apartment complex.

The Project will achieve compliance with Article 37 of the Boston Zoning Code by being LEED Certifiable for New Construction.

Sustainable highlights of the project include:

  • Redevelopment of a currently underutilized transit-oriented site. 
  • The use of cars at this site is expected to be minimal in comparison to the public transportation and pedestrian trips. 
  • Other transportation related characteristics include: (2) electric car charging stations in the parking garage, and (1) bicycle parking space will be included for each residential unit.
  • The Project will seek to save energy across systems with energy efficient equipment and appropriate insulation.
  • Energy Star appliances, lighting and low-flow fixtures will be integrated into residential units. 
  • No CFCs will be used in cooling equipment. Instead, refrigerants with low ozone depleting/global warming potential will be used. 
  • Operable and high-quality insulated glass will allow residents to control air movement within the units.
  •  High efficiency lighting with occupancy sensors will be incorporated into each unit.

Besides replacing an unattractive industrial site with a new, appealing residential building and parking facility, the project will provide functional and aesthetic improvements to the neighborhood.

Ppublic benefits include new streetscaping and sidewalks along West First and West Second Street and additional lighting to improve neighborhood safety.

The190-206 West Second Street Residential Project is being developed by Triad Alpha Partners and R&B Design, PC is the project architect. 

Construction on the project is expected to take18-24 months.