Monday, May 26, 2014

Northampton Square Phase II Moves Forward

The second phase of the Northampton Square project, a $154 million development that will bring 371,881 square feet of affordable housing and rooftop open space to the South End, has been approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Phase II will include the construction of Albany Tower, a 26-story tower with 211 luxury apartments, at the corner of Albany and Northampton Streets, and the rehabilitation of the 12-story Harrison Tower residential building at 860 Harrison Avenue.

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The Northampton Square complex is located in the South End -Lower Roxbury neighborhood, one block away from Boston Medical Center and the Boston University Medical Campuses.

Phase II of development contains two main components - the renovation of 860 Harrison Avenue, and the construction of a new residential tower at the corner of Northampton Street and Albany Street.

Albany Tower will include 211 luxury apartments, consisting of one and two bedroom units and 53,000 square feet of office space for the Boston Public Health Commission. The tower is estimated to cost $85 million to build.

Harrison Tower will include 109 residential units. At least 102 of the units created by Phase II will be affordable. Once the project is completed, the site would have close to 64 percent affordable housing.

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The plaza on top of an existing parking garage will be renovated into an open space amenity for residents, including areas of green roof and rooftop farming.

The two approved buildings are part of the 3.59 acre Northampton Square Campus, which includes the existing offices of the BHCC, the South End Fitness Center, the Carter Auditorium, and a 538-space parking garage.

No changes would be made to the garage that currently serves the two existing buildings.

Trinity Northampton Limited Partnership is the developer and The Architectural Team is the architect on the project.

The total development cost for Phase II is estimated at $154 million, and is slated for completion in 2017.

The original complex was built between 1969 and 1973 to house the Boston City Hospital School of Nursing. The Boston Public Health Commission acquired the site in July 1996, and has managed the property since.

In December of 2010, the BPHC selected Trinity Financial to redevelop and manage the various components of the site.

In the fall of 2013, Trinity closed on the financing for the first phase of the redevelopment – the renovations of 35 Northampton Street. These renovations are expected to be completed in December 2014.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Energy Retrofits Now Easier and Faster Than Ever

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Lighting retrofits can significantly reduce lighting energy use and meet new energy code requirements. 

With minimal project information, the new Lutron Energi Advisor app, created by Lutron Electronics Co., simplifies energy audits and greatly reduces the time previously required for retrofit system design and proposal generation. 

The Energi Advisor app takes the guesswork out of project proposals and provides users with the following:
- a bill of materials
- anticipated energy savings
- anticipated return on investment
After configuring project information (local electric utility rates, rebates, and labor rates), the app guides users through an energy audit requiring only basic information, such as room size, number of fixtures, type of fixtures, and then produces a complete project design and budget. The app supports multiple options for each project to ensure that budget and control requirements can be addressed without compromising performance.

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- Download the Energi Advisor app for iPhone/iPad from the Apple app Store
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Questions about how to use the app?

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

South Boston Warehouse to Get $30M Residential Conversion

A warehouse at 190 - 206 West Second St in South Boston is getting redeveloped into new housing courtesy of a $30 million project from developer Triad Alpha Partners. The Boston Redevelopment Authority recently approved the 90,000 square foot development, which will replace the two-story warehouse building and unpaved parking lot with a three-story residential project.

The project will include 97 new residential units, 4,000 square feet of ground floor retail space, bike storage, and 115 at-grade garage parking spaces intended to serve both residential and retail uses.

The existing 2-story warehouse building will be demolished to make space for the new three story apartment complex.

The Project will achieve compliance with Article 37 of the Boston Zoning Code by being LEED Certifiable for New Construction.

Sustainable highlights of the project include:

  • Redevelopment of a currently underutilized transit-oriented site. 
  • The use of cars at this site is expected to be minimal in comparison to the public transportation and pedestrian trips. 
  • Other transportation related characteristics include: (2) electric car charging stations in the parking garage, and (1) bicycle parking space will be included for each residential unit.
  • The Project will seek to save energy across systems with energy efficient equipment and appropriate insulation.
  • Energy Star appliances, lighting and low-flow fixtures will be integrated into residential units. 
  • No CFCs will be used in cooling equipment. Instead, refrigerants with low ozone depleting/global warming potential will be used. 
  • Operable and high-quality insulated glass will allow residents to control air movement within the units.
  •  High efficiency lighting with occupancy sensors will be incorporated into each unit.

Besides replacing an unattractive industrial site with a new, appealing residential building and parking facility, the project will provide functional and aesthetic improvements to the neighborhood.

Ppublic benefits include new streetscaping and sidewalks along West First and West Second Street and additional lighting to improve neighborhood safety.

The190-206 West Second Street Residential Project is being developed by Triad Alpha Partners and R&B Design, PC is the project architect. 

Construction on the project is expected to take18-24 months.